WYAL Evaluations


Our evaluations have a competitive element to them, and they are done by impartial skilled professionals. Strong and skilled athletes score higher than not so strong or not so skilled players. The information is both objective and real and should be included in the fact base coaches consider in making roster decisions.

If, after teams are selected, there are unassigned players, we will attempt to form another team (or more if there is enough interest). If that doesn’t take care of everyone, we will look at the birthdates and see if there is eligibility for potential openings on a team one age level up or down.

After Evaluations

Coaches at each grade level receive a set of information that pertains to all players at their grade level. We share this information to assist with team formation decisions and as a critique for further individual development when working with players.

We understand that there may still be some moving parts in the team formation process and not everything is final, but we do have an obligation to the kids and, as an association, to our fellow coaches to work together and find a place for every player that went through our evaluations.

If, through these joint coaching discussions, it is determined that a player cannot be accommodated, then they need to be contacted no later than 12 days after the evaluations. As coaches we have an obligation to communicate with all kids at all age levels, not just the ones on rosters. It is the WYAL’s practice that the coaches conduct this communication with the parents of these children.

We want to avoid getting a call from a parents expressing their extreme disappointment in not being notified as to the status of their son. This is a collective failure to us all when this occurs.

Keep it simple. A message used in the past is that the team rosters have been completed, and unfortunately with the number of kids that went through the evaluation and the number of coaches that have volunteered, we do not have a corresponding match of coaches and players. If there is interest on their part or of others at their age level to coach and form another team (or even hire a coach), then the WYAL president and sport director would be glad to discuss how this can be done. The WAA, or neighboring community associations or in-house ball are other options as well.

Don’t leave a voice mail message with this news. Ask that they contact you, if you do leave a message.

If you are uncomfortable with these calls, then the sport director will do it, but s/he needs to be notified to do so.


If, after we have exhausted all options, a player wants a refund or the evaluation fee, he should submit a request to the sport director. Refunds have been granted upon request to players who we are unable to place on a WYAL team. If we offer a player a position on a team and he doesn’t take it, we will not grant a refund. Extenuating circumstances such as illness or injury will be considered on their merits.