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Calendar - Gopher State Baseball League

(see GSBL calendar for events, times, and locations)

Calendar - Metro Baseball League

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Field Maintenance


Protocol for Rescheduling a Game

E-mail umpires@comcast.net with old game date, time and location
and NEW game date, time and location. You will get an e-mail confirmation
back that it has been taken care of and rescheduled. You need to provide at
least three days notice to have the highest likelihood of having an umpire.


Protocol for Emergency Umpire No-Show

If you do not have an umpire on field by seven (7) minutes before game start:

- Call Alec at 651.261.8651
- If you cannot reach Alec, call Barry at 651.222.3399

Protocol for Rules Issues - Critical Game Situation

- Call Barry at 651.222.3399
- If you cannot reach Barry, call Tim at 651.261.6812

Protocol for Rules Issues - Non-Critical Game Situation

E-mail umpires@comcast.net

Indoor Training

Clinics & Evaluations

Coach Certification

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