WYAL Team Formation Protocols
  1. All players who participate in WYAL evaluations will be notified of their team status. WYAL coaches for each age group will communicate to all participating players in their age group whether or not they have been placed on a team. Communications will be made in person or by phone. It is not acceptable to leave messages conveying a decision on an answering machine or to send an e-mail.
  2. If there are multiple teams at an age level, coaches will collaborate to form the teams. Every effort will be made to find a spot for all players who are interested in being on a traveling team.
  3. WYAL teams and coaches will respect established rosters whether they be WYAL, WAA, ERAA, or other associations. A player is part of an established team roster from the time he accepts a position on the team until the team has completed play for the year.
  4. Woodbury residents are to be placed on WYAL teams before any non-residents (school or home address).
  5. Players will get a copy of their evaluation whether or not they can be placed on a team.