WYAL Privacy Statement
The Woodbury Youth Athletic League (WYAL) does not sell or distribute any personal information collected by the web site. Any information collected by the web site is used only for WYAL business.

On its website, WYAL will publish the following information unless a parent or guardian explicitly requests that the information not be displayed.

  • Pictures of children will only be displayed on the web site without names. This allows team pictures or photos from the season to be posted to the web site.
  • With their permission pictures of adults may be published on this web site with their names. This would allow coaches, board members, etc. pictures to appear.
  • Articles published on the web site about WYAL events may include names of children only if a picture identifying the child is not published on the same web page.
  • Personal information, besides a name, is not permitted in the public area of the web site. Directory type information may be published to areas of the web site that are restricted to a small group of people. For example, team rosters may be put on the web site, provided access to that roster is restricted to members of that team.