WYAL New Sport Questionnaire
  1. Who will act as director?
  2. To how many years will the director commit?
  3. Is the expected director aware of the responsibilities of the position?
  4. To how many teams can you commit?
  5. What age groups will participate the first year?
  6. What is the estimated enrollment (players) the first year?
  7. Who will be coaching?
  8. What are your expectations from WYAL?
  9. What can WYAL offer that cannot be offered with the existing recreational programs in Woodbury or Cottage Grove?
  10. In what league will the new team(s) compete?
  11. Can you provide one member to be nominated for election to the WYAL board?
  12. How will the team(s) be funded?
  13. Are you familiar with WYAL bylaws and policies regarding non-discrimination and abuse/molestation