Concussion Education

Minnesota Concussion Law

Minnesota law (SF 612) requires organizations that organize and charge a fee for youth athletic activities to provide information about concussions to coaches, officials, youth athletes and parents; require all coaches and officials to receive annual concussion training; and require the youth athlete and his/her parent or guardian to sign a concussion information form before participating in the athletic activity.

A coach or official must remove a youth athlete from the athletic activity if the youth athlete exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion or is suspected of sustaining a concussion. The youth athlete can return to play once he/she is evaluated by a trained provider and the provider gives the athlete written permission to return to the activity; and the provider develops a plan to aid the youth athlete in recovering and resuming participation in athletic activities and academics that is coordinated with periods of cognitive and physical rest while symptoms persist; and reintroduces cognitive and physical demands on the young person on a progressive basis only.

WYAL coaches will report any incidents to the sport-specific Director who will ensure all procedures are followed before the athlete can safely resume participation in his/her chosen sport.