WYAL Policy Regarding Abuse and Molestation
The Woodbury Youth Athletic League (WYAL) intends to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for all athletes participating in WYAL programs and for all adults who manage and/or administer WYAL programs. This policy statement is intended to articulate our intent with respect to anything that may constitute abuse or molestation and make it clear that one of the responsibilities of the individuals managing the organization is to prevent any such activities from taking place and to report them if they do. It is WYAL policy that the following proactive measures are carried out by the organization in this regard:
  1. Background checks will be conducted annually for all individuals administering WYAL programs.
  2. All volunteers and paid service providers will be interviewed prior to providing services, and the interview will include a discussion of the WYAL policy regarding abuse and molestation. Coaches will be interviewed by their Sport Director. Sport Directors will be interviewed by a Board Member. New Board Member candidates will be interviewed by an incumbent Board Member
  3. The policy will be reviewed annually at the September or October WYAL monthly meeting. The Annual Review and each individual interview will include but not be limited to discussion of:
    • Child/sexual abuse
    • How to recognize signs of abuse
    • What to do if a client/child reports someone molested him/her
  4. Each Sport Director will contact a non-coach member of the Parent Leadership Group at mid-season and when the season is concluded to monitor team progress and inquire as to whether there are any perceived problems that may constitute abuse or molestation.
  5. Parents are welcome at all team events, including but not limited to:
    • Team formation
    • Practices
    • Games
  6. Three Person Rule - Coaches, parents, and other adult volunteers will avoid situations where a child is alone with an adult.