WYAL Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the WYAL and other Woodbury athletic organizations?

The WYAL provides an opportunity for athletes to play on a traveling team in the sport of their choice. To date there has been a demand for baseball, basketball and softball teams.

Questions regarding other organizations should be referred to those organizations.

Why does the WYAL use evaluations?

The WYAL requires all participants to have an evaluation by an independent professional evaluator. The evaluation is shared with the coach and player and is intended primarily as an aid in forming individual development plans. Evaluations are also used in the team formation process and in determining the competitive level at which a team should play.

Why does the WYAL have more baseball teams than basketball or softball?

There has been more interest in WYAL baseball teams than there has been for other sports.

Have there been requests for the WYAL to offer sports other than baseball, basketball, and softball and, if so, why does the WYAL not offer programs in other sports?

Over the years, the WYAL has been approached at least once by organizers wanting to start a WYAL program for all of the major sports, except hockey and lacrosse. The WYAL procedure for initiating a sport offering is comprehensive and requires the organizers to provide voluntary administrative staff to run their proposed program and be able to demonstrate that their proposal does not duplicate a program otherwise available to Woodbury residents. Typically, such proposals fail to meet one or both of these tests.

Why does Woodbury have more than one community athletic organization?

Woodbury is a large and growing community with residents who have a wide diversity of talents and interests. It is unreasonable to expect that any one organization will be able to meet the needs of all residents.

Why is there no WYAL in-house program?

There has been no significant interest expressed in the WYAL having an in-house program.

Are WYAL teams competitive with other teams?

WYAL teams are formed and placed at competitive levels where we believe they can have a positive experience. Some teams are more competitive than others. Many WYAL athletes have gone on to play in high school and college.

Does the WYAL have a program to address special needs which, without assistance, may prevent an interested Woodbury resident from participating in a WYAL program?

Yes. A family interested in obtaining assistance may initiate the request process by checking the appropriate box on the Player Signup/Parent Permission and Release Form or by contacting one of the WYAL Officers identified on the WYAL web site.